Established in 1984, Calabrese Good Architects Inc., began
with a simple overriding objective: to add value to every project.  
Since then, by staying highly focused on that objective CGA has
transcended the traditional definition of an " Architectural Firm".  
Architectural design remains the core of our identity and the
starting point for everything we do.  But now, after years of
experience, growth and evolution our firm encompasses much
more.  CGA has remained versatile, offering our clients the ability
to assist in a wide variety of projects.  Our firm has extensive
experience in Hotel, Retail, Historic Restorations and Adaptive
reuse.  With current Registrations in 28 states and with National
Architectural Certification, CGA can provide Architectural
Services throughout the United States.

In the end only one question remains.

What can CGA do for you?

For a consultation phone: 717.656.4183